These are challenging, unprecedented times and we are doing all we can to continue to support you while ensuring our actions do not jeopardize anyone unnecessarily.   Parts of our business have been deemed an essential service and as such we will be reducing our staff in less critical areas of support but will continue to operate our Service, Rentals and Parts Departments. 

You may notice some longer wait times as our staff is reduced to limit exposure and risk but we will be there for you if and as needed and our offices will be open. 

Key Contact Numbers during this Crisis:              

Main Office: 416-213-7277 or or 416-505-1854 cell              
Service Inquiries: Paul Dunne – 416-209-2676              
Parts Inquiries: Garry Barber – 416-991-5649               Shipping / Receiving: Chris DiBerto – 416-505-1854              
Rental Inquiries: Steve Hensman – 416-678-8798              
Sales Inquiries: Chris DiBerto – 416-505-1854 

Remote workers will be available to assist with any of your Accounting, Sales, Rentals, Service, Parts or Training requirements. 

In order to minimize the amount of interaction between our customers and employees at this time, all customer pick-ups will need to be pre-planned in advance of arriving at one of our locations.  To make these arrangements please contact one of the numbers or emails above. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we deal with this situation.  


Pat DiBerto 
Ri-Go Lift Truck Ltd
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