About Linde Lift Trucks

Linde has been a fixture in the North American transportation and material handling equipment market for over 150 years. Linde is a leading company with great success in the manufacturing of forklifts and material handling equipment.

Linde offers technologically advanced forklifts and heavy equipment for a wide range of industries and applications. Linde’s efficient energy management reduces operating costs allowing 40% savings compared to other brands.


Choosing a Forklift Truck

Although, a forklift truck may seem to be very expensive initially, it is bound to provide operational economies in the long run. 

Load Capacity

  • The type of forklift truck to be used is influenced by the weight of load that has to be lifted, so it’s important to determine the maximum weight you need to lift. Linde carries a wide range of electric forklift trucks for loads weighing in at between 1000 and 8000 kilograms and for virtually any application from the worlds of industry and commerce.

Lift Height:

  • Determine the maximum lift height required for your operations where the truck can reach. Different forklifts have different lifting capabilities, so choose a model that can handle the height of your storage racks or stacking requirements.


  • The entire range of Linde electric forklift trucks feature a maintenance-free compact axle with two independent wheel motors, allowing the truck to be maneuvered down to the last millimetre via the dual pedal control.

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