Skyjack scissor lifts and boom lifts are world class equipment made right here in Canada. They are renowned for their unmatched ease of use and service as well as their exceptional prices. Skyjack focuses on clear, user-friendly designs that ensure smooth operation and simple maintenance.

The Skyjack lineup offers you reliable, time-tested technology, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Skyjack DC Electric Scissor Lift Trucks

SJ3013 MICRO Electric Scissor Lift
SJ3213/19 MICRO Electric Scissor Lift
SJ3215/19 Electric Scissor Lift
SJ3215/19 E Electric Scissor Lift
SJ3220/26 Electric Scissor Lift
SJ3220/26 E Electric Scissor Lift
SJ4726/32 Electric Scissor Lift
SJ4726/32 E Electric Scissor Lift
SJ4740 Electric Scissor Lift
SJ4740 E Electric Scissor Lift

Skyjack Vertical Mast Lift Trucks

SJ4740 E Vertical Mast Lift
SJ20 E Vertical Mast Lift

Skyjack Rough Terrain Scissor Lift Trucks

SJ6826/32 RT Rough Terrain Scissor
SJ9233 RT Rough Terrain Scissor
SJ9243 RT Rough Terrain Scissor

Skyjack Telescopic Boom Lift Trucks

SJ40/45 T+ Telescopic Boom
SJ61/66 T+ Telescopic Boom
SJ82/86 T Telescopic Boom

Skyjack Articulating Boom Lift Trucks

SJ30 ARJE Articulating Boom
SJ45 AJ+ Articulating Boom
SJ46 AJ Articulating Boom

Skyjack Telehandler Lift Trucks

SJ519 TH Telehandlers
SJ643 TH Telehandlers
SJ843 TH Telehandlers
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