Ri-Go Lift provides floor scales and forklift scales from IVDT. The Skid Weigh ED2 mobile lift truck scale is the industry leading weighing benchmark for performance, technology and design. Engineered with the operator in mind the system is easy to use, accurate to +/- 1% of weighing capacity, and capable of withstanding the most demanding and challenging material handling environments.

The system can be easily installed in the hydraulic lift circuit of any material handling equipment (lift truck mounted scale) regardless of voltage and does not alter the rated capacity requiring an accessory rating. Once installed, an even simpler calibration process begins by lifting a known load against the weight of the empty forks or attachment. Once this is acknowledged the system software takes over and the ED2 mobile lift truck scale is ready to use. Accurate to within 1% of the lift truck capacity this tool can help ensure safe and accurate loading of trailer or containers and help ensure accurate billing to your customers.

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