The worlds smallest forklift is the Italian made Mariotti.  While it was born it Italy for the tight operating conditions of Europe there are many applications in North America and the rest of the world where this little forklift excels.  The company was founded in Turin Italy in 1920, and it has more than 100 years of experience manufacturing and designing small front-loading forklifts. As a market leader in the small lift truck field, Mariotti offers more than 20 different models with capacities ranging from 750 Lbs up to 3,000 lbs.

In 1920, Vasco Mariotti started designing and selling industrial trucks, carts, lift trucks, trailers, and packaging materials for the Italian market. He did this for over 50 years before the current owners purchased the company in the early 80’s.   As the years passed, production progressed to offer equipment such as pallet trucks, small capacity counterbalanced lift trucks, and electric conveyors. However, in 1985 Mariotti really solidified their niche and began focusing primarily on the small counterbalanced electric forklift market. By 1992, a full line of forklifts ranging from 750 lbs. to 3,000 lbs. was available.

If you are looking for a powerful, multifaceted and reliable solution, we at Ri-Go strongly recommend looking at the Mariotti. This solution built for compact spaces and narrow aisles and can work indoors or outdoors.  They are excellent for shipping or production facilities where space is at a premium and can even fit into elevators or work on mezzanines or construction sites where wheel loading is a factor.   Mariotti’s have worked in most applications due to their compact size and light weight.  They can be trailered when most forklifts are too heavy and too large.  They can be used on delicate flooring.  They easily go up and down ramps, and some models can even fit thru regular man doors! The size of your operation does not matter, this solution can be used for any work you need. The Mariotti line is meant to be a solution for all your needs, in any application.

Mariotti lift trucks are available exclusively in the Ontario Canada market through Ri-Go Lift Truck Ltd.   These work horses are amazing machines and have helped our customers speed up production, and in some cases even reduced the amount of the equipment needed for their operation.

We rent Mariotti units by the Day, Week or Month – or Long Term

We lease or finance them too! Or you can demo and purchase from RIGOLIFT. We have the solution for you whatever your needs – long or short term!

If you want to learn more about the Mariotti Lift Truck Range please Contact our sales manager Chris DiBerto at: 

Office 416-213-7277 ext 236

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