Pallet stackers are designed not only to lift pallets as a Power Pallet Truck does but also to stack them at various heights. They can lift up to 3000 lbs capacity generally and up to 185″ height and are a fraction of the cost of a full-size forklift truck. They can also operate more safely in tight areas like production facilities. They often have adjustable base legs to accommodate (or “straddle”) different pallet sizes. Pallet stackers can lift pallets to higher elevations than pallet jacks and are used for tasks such as:

  • Stacking pallets on shelves or racks or on top of each other
  • Lifting pallets from the end of production lines into staging areas
  • Moving and stacking loads on Mezzanines/2nd floor locations where forklifts are too heavy to work.

Click on the following sections to learn more about the various types of pallet stackers and what they are designed to do.

  1. Counterbalanced Stackers
  2. Straddle Leg Style Stackers
  3. Rider Pallet Stackers with Folding Platform (Lighter loads)
  4. Fork Over Stackers (for open bottom pallets only)

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Pallet Stackers

There are several different types of pallet stackers to choose from.

1. Counterbalanced Walk Behind Stackers

Counterbalanced Walk-behind pallet stackers are operated by using a tiller to control them as the operator walks behind them. They differ from straddle stackers in that they do not have straddle legs and instead are longer and heavier “counterbalanced” design. This allows the unit to get closer to machinery or where straddle legs would get in the way. They are designed with an electric motor that lets you securely and accurately lift pallets to their necessary heights. These pallet stackers are great for many applications where space is tight including the following:

  • Workshops
  • Refrigerated warehouses
  • Greenhouses
  • Garden centres
  • Supermarkets
  • Manufacturing sites

Counterbalanced Walk-behind pallet stackers work well in smaller spaces because they are highly maneuverable and lower cost than a full size forklift.

Linde: L06 – L16 AC Series Counterbalanced Walk Behind Pallet Stackers

These Counterbalanced pallet stackers from Linde are an example of a walk-behind pallet stacker. They are a great choice for stacking and transporting small and medium loads when you don’t have enough space for a lift truck with support arms or the transport distance is too short for an electric forklift truck.

They feature:

  • Precise and dynamic power steering for excellent maneuverability.
  • Long, low-mounted tiller.

They also are designed with a great safety feature that automatically adjusts your driving behaviour in curves. In addition, they give you a clear view of your load to further ensure your safety.

2. Straddle Leg Style – Straddle Stackers

Straddle leg style stackers also known as straddle stackers have legs that straddle the pallet, allowing it to lift and move loads without being exceptionally long like a counterbalanced stacker. They are the smallest and least expensive type of stacker to purchase in general.

The straddle legs of the stacker are often adjustable so they can be adjusted to accommodate different pallet sizes. They are equipped with forks that can be raised and lowered to lift and lower the pallets. This design allows the stacker to handle both open and closed bottom pallets as well as other types of loads effectively and because they are so short (small head length) they operate in very small spaces.

Pallet straddle stackers are particularly useful in environments where standard forklifts might not be suitable due to space constraints or where the need for maneuverability and safety is high. They’re often used for stacking pallets in narrow aisles and in smaller warehouses when you need to lift pallets to moderate heights without using a forklift. They also are safer when in Production lines where there is high pedestrian traffic vs a conventional forklift.

Linde L10-L12 AS Straddle Stackers

Linde’s electro straddle stackers L10 – L12 AS have a small turning radius which makes them great for narrow aisles and tight spaces. These straddle stackers feature:

  • Straddle legs that can be flexibly adjusted to different spacing as needed.
  • Very Controlled acceleration with a three-phase motor.
  • Safety Speed function that automatically adjusts the speed to the tilting angle of the tiller so the unit will automatically slow down in turns and tight spaces.

The deep-drawn chassis skirt also protects your feet from getting under the truck.

3. Rider Pallet Stackers with Folding Platform

Pallet stackers with a folding platform are very versatile because they can be used either as a pedestrian or ride-on truck. They are ideal for storing and retrieving medium weight loads over short to medium distances. The trucks with a folding stand-on platform are particularly efficient in areas such as:

  • External warehouses
  • Delivery areas
  • Indoor warehouses where long distances are not covered but medium-heavy loads have to be transported
  • Tight, Small operations like food processing facilities and Pharmaceutical operations.

Linde has a wide variety of these types of stackers you can choose depending on your requirements. Check the following option out:

Linde D12-D14 AP

Linde’s D12-D14 Ap is a versatile pallet stacker that has a fold-out driver platform which means that this electric stacker can be used as either a Walkie or ride-on truck. It features:

  • Creep speed function that slows down the truck based on the steer angle and makes difficult maneuvers in narrow aisles easier and safer.
  • Precision lifting and lowering of loads with precision using the Linde OptiLift® mast control.
  • Powerful 2.3-kW drive motor.

It can transport up to 1,400 kilograms on two levels helping increase your productivity during loading and unloading, as well as when transporting loads over long distances.

4. Fork Over Stackers

The term “fork-over” refers to the design of the stackers forks and Straddle legs – in this Fork Over stacker design the forks sit on top of 2 narrow straddle legs and both are inserted under OPEN BOTTOM skids or Totes ONLY. Fork Over Stackers will not work with any closed pallet.

The advantage of a fork-over straddle stacker is its ability to handle different pallet sizes as the forks slide underneath the pallet, rather than needing clearance from the sides. This can be useful in situations where standard forklifts might struggle due to limited space or when dealing with various pallet configurations.

The obvious disadvantage is they will NOT work unless the pallet is open to the floor or when the operator raises the forks the pallet will break apart.

These stackers typically have a hydraulic lifting mechanism, allowing them to raise and lower loads vertically and navigate through aisles for stacking or retrieving items at different heights within a warehouse setting.

Hangcha A Series Fork Over Pallet Stacker

Hangcha’s A Series fork-over pallet stacker can handle capacities of 1,200 to 2,000 kg. Its Li-Ion battery will charge to 100% in only two hours. This pallet stacker features:

  • AC travelling motor to give you excellent acceleration, good gradability, low heat, no carbon brush and maintenance free motors.
  • The latest CURTIS AC control system for accurate and stable control.
  • Three braking types: releasing brake, reversing brake and emergency brake.

It is also designed with a n optional shock-absorbing, foldable platform that will give you much greater comfort and speed when travelling long distances.

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