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Ri-Go Lift Truck Ltd. has always focused on top notch service at competitive rates. With an in house Tilt N Load service to move your equipment as necessary and experienced staff, Ri-Go’s Service Department is ready to service you!

Service Department Features:

  •  Factory Trained Technicians.
  •  Fully equipped 60,000 sq. ft. Service Shop Facility.
  •  Paint Booth and Body Shop available.
  •  27 Road Service Technicians to service at your location.
  •  Reduced Rental rates while your truck is in for service.
  •  Competitive Rates.

Call us at 416-213-7277 or 1-800-263-7580.

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    With a fully-equipped 60,000 sq. ft. service shop and its own crew of factory-trained technicians, RI-GO Lift Truck Ltd. can meet all your Forklift Repair needs in Toronto, Mississauga & GTA. Maintenance and repair is the name of the game with this well-stocked repair shop that can get your Forklifts back in top working condition in no time.

    From breakdowns to safety inspections, RI-GO Lift Truck can perform any task you need for fleet certification or repairs. They also handle Pallet Truck Repairs. With over 1.5 million replacement parts available, the RI-GO team can get it up and running like new.

    Forklift Issues? Contact Ri-Go Lift

    No matter what issue you are having with your forklift, Ri-Go Lift can help. The following are just a few of the more common problems you may encounter.

    Battery Issues

    Before proceeding, ensure the following:

    • Your battery is fully charged and securely connected.
    • Assess the battery’s charge level: When was it last charged?
    • Consider temperature: Extreme cold may hinder battery performance. Subzero temperatures can impede the starting of a forklift battery, just like a vehicle.
    • Check all auxiliary functions: Test the functionality of lights, brakes, and other systems. If they are malfunctioning, a full recharge of the battery may be necessary. If a recently recharged battery still fails to function, replacement may be necessary.

    For help with any battery issue and other services, contact the professionals at Ri-Go Lift

    Other Starting Issues

    If your forklift operates on internal combustion, starting issues might involve more intricate problem-solving. Follow these steps to troubleshoot:

    • Assess fuel age: How long has the fuel been in the tank? Stale fuel could be a culprit behind difficult starting.
    • Check oil levels and investigate for fuel leaks: Some forklift models require a specific oil volume before the fuel valve opens, while a strong gas odour may indicate a leak. Book an appointment at Ri-Go Lift and we can check these for you.
    • Verify coolant levels: Adequate coolant is essential for preventing overheating issues that can hinder starting. Blocked radiators or low coolant levels may cause starting failures. Clean the radiator or add coolant as needed.
    • Seat weight sensor: Forklifts often incorporate a safety feature that prevents starting unless there’s weight in the seat. Ensure you’re seated securely before attempting to start the forklift.

    If you need help troubleshooting these starting issues, you can contact us here.

    Steering Issues

    Operating forklifts, particularly in tight spaces, can pose difficulties. Ensuring proper steering functionality is crucial to prevent accidents that could harm operators or bystanders.

    Identifying steering issues can sometimes be tricky. Here are some signs to watch out for:

    • Strange noises when turning the wheel, especially under load. This may indicate rusting in the steering system or hydraulic issues affecting steering pressure.
    • Low steering fluid levels. If topping up the fluid doesn’t solve the problem, further investigation by a professional like Ri-Go is necessary.
    • Check the consistency of the steering fluid; if it’s thick and gooey, complete replacement is advised.
    • Rusted or worn-out gears require attention from a qualified forklift repair specialist such as Ri-Go.
    • Imbalanced tires can lead to a bent axle and overall instability. 
    • Excessively worn tires can strain the forklift’s transmission, potentially causing breakdowns or reducing its lifespan.
    • Rusty, loose, or worn pressure valves should be addressed by a qualified forklift repair specialist like Ri-Go.

    If you need help fixing these starting issues, you can contact us here.

    Brake Issues:

    Linde pneumatic forklift

    Brake malfunctions can lead to severe workplace accidents and render your forklift permanently unusable.

    Frequent need for brake repairs or maintenance may stem from common errors, including:

    • Leaving the parking brake engaged.
    • Braking abruptly without allowing sufficient time for the forklift to slow down.
    • Keeping the foot on the brake pedal continuously and applying brakes only partially.
    • Driving at excessive speeds, requiring harder braking to stop.
    • Adding brake fluid to a hydraulic oil-only system.
    • Continuing to operate the forklift despite the need for brake shoe replacement or repair.

    Daily brake checks can help identify soft or leaky brakes early on while replacing worn rotors and brake pads can prevent more extensive damage.

    Book an appointment today if you are experiencing any brake issues.

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