Performing scheduled forklift maintenance can help:

  1. Reduce Total Cost of Ownership. Preventative maintenance is often less expensive than waiting for a forklift to break down and trying to fix the long list of problems that can arise from that breakdown.
  2. Keep Forklifts Operating Efficiently. Poorly-maintained forklifts are harder to operate, making basic tasks slower and more time-consuming. By applying routine forklift maintenance services, you can keep your forklifts operating at peak efficiency for longer.
  3. Prevent Employee Injuries. When forklifts break down unexpectedly, it can lead to employee injuries. Routine maintenance helps to prevent catastrophic failures and the employee injuries they can cause.
  4. Help Identify End of Life in a Cost Effective Manner. Routine maintenance and inspections can help identify and track potential problems. This way, you can modify your forklift fleet management strategy to account for the need to replace the forklift before it becomes unusable.
  5. Help Prevent Downtown/Lost Time Due to Sudden Failures. Forklifts are often used to carry extremely heavy loads across a warehouse that are essential to keep your business moving forward. Downtime is costly and disruptive for business processes.

Having a regular planned maintenance strategy is important but also having a maintenance checklist to document your processes are just as important.

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