Ri-Go Lift carries custom tugger carts by J-tec. J-tec Industries is a custom designer, fabricator and manufacturer of material handling equipment such as industrial carts (or dollies as they are commonly referred), warehouse equipment, shipping racks and more. J-Tech’s CarryMore® Tugger Cart System is a leading example in the industry of our design capabilities. Both center-steer and quad-steer versions of this industrial tugger cart (or mother cart) are available and allow for virtually unlimited customization and heavy weight capacities in the roller carts (or daughter carts) that ride on top. Mother / Daughter cart systems by J-Tec can provide quick and easy exchange of racks of parts to the assembly line efficiently and quietly with lower cost of maintenance than normal cart delivery systems.

J-tec Industrial Tugger Carts


J-tec Industries’ Revolutionary CarryMore® Tugger Cart System dramatically:

  • Reduces Noise
  • Reduces Cart Wheel Maintenance
  • Reduces Cost (Compared to Forklifts)
  • Improves Safety All Around the Plant

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