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Founded in 1921 in Komatsu City, Japan, Komatsu is a global leader in equipment design and manufacturing, and is the second largest manufacturer in the world with 25 plants globally.

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Industrial trucks are used to transport goods and materials over long distances. They are used to lift loads placed at certain heights using hydraulic components. Forklift trucks are powerful vehicles which operate with maximum efficiency. The Komatsu industrial trucks are strong, durable and have high performance. They require little maintenance and are appropriate for all kinds of load-carrying requirements.

Komatsu manufactures different kinds of industrial trucks with unique features and functionalities.  Here are some of the top models of trucks that are widely used.

Komatsu DX50: This truck has open centre load moderating hydraulic components which reduce the load on the engine.  Its unique diesel engine consumes less fuel and has excellent performance. Leading-edge technology has led to lower carbon-dioxide releases and reduced maintenance costs. The tough disc brakes are strong enough to endure rough conditions.

Komatsu EX50: The EX50 truck has been engineered to be environment-friendly with reduced fuel consumption. Advanced technology imparts a better efficiency and output. Electronic control system and modern combustion system make the truck function productively.

Komatsu BX50: The BX50 is designed to execute transportation tasks in a quick and effective manner. The sophisticated EZ lift hydraulic system allows you to lift the goods efficiently in crowded areas. The electrical connectors are water-proof and other components are controlled by a computer. The headlights of BX50 have a long shelf life.

Komatsu AX50:This series have significant reduced carbon-dioxide emissions owing to the clean air technology. The Engine Control Module controls the fuel level thereby resulting in complete combustion with low outpouring of C02. The brakes are self-regulating and have improved efficiency. The AX50 trucks have reduced sounds and prove eco-friendly.

Komatsu BBX50: The BBX50 series come in different models and can lift loads from 4000 lbs to 6500 lbs. The advanced engineering offers maximum productivity and fewer emissions. The drivers need to validate the password protected access. The two-spoke steering wheel provides a high degree of rotational flexibility to the driver.

Komatsu AC 2 Motors: The AC 2 motors are integrated in the AE 50 and AM 50 truck series. They have long lasting batteries which makes it possible to use them in severe long term conditions. Safety equipment is available in the truck to cope with accidents or injuries.

Komatsu FR Series: This series has implemented the advanced technology to make the trucks more productive. The hydraulic system allows the driver to control the truck efficiently. Due to this, the trucks have long life and perform better in the long run. The electromagnetic disc brakes are easy to operate and do not require much maintenance. The control-handle is wide and makes the control operations more manageable.

Safety rules for Komatsu industrial trucks:

  • Only licensed and authorised people can drive the truck
  • The loads should be properly placed and overloading should be avoided
  • Do not operate mal-functional trucks. It may prove , hazardous

If you are hunting for a reliable option to transport freight, go for the Komatsu Industrial trucks. They are the best choice.


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