komatsu-diesel-forkliftLike many companies, yours could probably use the capabilities of a forklift. If so, you should consider what Komatsu forklifts bring to the table. Since 1921, Komatsu has been providing industry solutions to companies like yours all around the world.

One benefit of forklifts that can’t be underestimated is how safe they keep your workers. If a workday for them involves manually moving heavy objects—boxes, crates, equipment, packages, etc.—they’re constantly at risk of injury. Aside from losing a worker while they recover, this situation could also leave your company vulnerable to worker compensation suits. With a forklift on hand, however, moving heavy objects never has to mean an employee of yours gets hurt.

Despite how powerful a Komatsu diesel forklift and other models are, these machines are incredibly versatile. Most can carry thousands of pounds at a time. Yet their size makes them extremely maneuverable. Just because you may have a warehouse that features cramped quarters doesn’t mean your company needs to suffer from slowed productivity. Find a forklift that can fit and keep things moving.

Speaking of which, just about any job that requires your employees to lift and carry heavy objects could be done quicker and better by a forklift. Even a task as simple as unloading a truck can be improved with forklifts involved. With the right ramp or platform, these vehicles can easily enter the back of a truck and begin extracting inventory. The job will be done in record time too, meaning it’s onto the next project.

There are a number of other reasons your company may specifically need a forklift to improve their operations. To find out more, contact Ri-Go Lift Truck today at 1-800-276-7580. Since 1977, this 100% Canadian owned business has been helping companies like yours do more with forklifts.

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