linde-lift-trucksLinde is a company with a history that goes back to 1904. This has given the German manufacturer plenty of time to get really good at creating really good products. Just one example of this is Linde lift trucks.

Lift trucks are a valuable asset for a number of reasons. Just about any company that regularly needs their workers to reach tall heights should think about how a Linde lift truck could help improve the way this is done.

Without a lift truck, most companies have their workers use ladders. This means at least two people—one to scale it and often one to stabilize it—need to spend time setting it up and carrying out the repairs, maintenance, retrieval, etc.

Even with someone stabilizing the ladder, though, the second person is at risk. There are no safety measures for them and if they plan on using tools or bringing an object up or down with them, it’s even more likely that something will go wrong.

Scaffolding is definitely much safer. It offers railings, a wider platform and there’s no need for someone to handle stabilization. That said, it’s hardly cost-effective in terms of money or time. Companies that need employees up off the ground regularly can’t afford to think of scaffolding as their best possible option.

Now think about how a lift truck can handle matters. Many of the kind Linde makes are hardly bigger than a forklift, so there should be no problem with it moving through your warehouse. On top of that, only one worker is needed as they have full access to the controls within the platform (which is also surrounded by guard rails).

Stop taking unnecessary risks by calling 1-800-263-7580 today. Ri-Go has affordable lifts from Linde as well as a number of scissor lifts from Skyjack too..

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