skyjack-scissor-liftsWhen you have to reach high above the sales floor to change signage or a light bulb, what do you do? Ladders aren’t the right option – they’re unstable, and it can be impossible to find a model that reaches as far as you need. When you need access to high areas, Skyjack scissor lifts can help. Of course, you need to choose the right option.

Indoor Needs

The most common type of Skyjack scissor lift on the market is the indoor DC electric model. The battery system is very similar to that of an electric forklift, and it’s built to work on flat, industrial floor with a very low center of gravity. The tires are designed to be non-marking, as well.

Outdoor Needs

If you have needs that require taking Skyjack scissor lifts outdoors, you’ll need a specialized model to handle rough terrain. Thankfully, Skyjack offers a range of models that can handle uneven ground and other outdoor challenges while still providing the stable, secure platform necessary.

Choosing between indoor and outdoor Skyjack scissor lifts will give you the right mix of features and capabilities. However, Ri-Go Lift is proud to offer our customers access to more than just scissor lifts. We also carry vertical mast lift trucks, telehandler lift trucks, articulating boom trucks and telescoping boom trucks to help meet your requirements in terms of safety, performance and durability.

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