forklift-repairs-maintenanceAlthough forklifts are known for being heavy-duty vehicles, they still have their limits. After all, these machines depend on a complex system of hydraulics to lift several thousand kilometers of material up and down or carry it speeds approaching 19 km/hour.

Fortunately, Ri-Go can help in this regard. Your company shouldn’t have to shoulder the responsibility of handling its own forklifts repairs, as it takes an experts’ touch. At the same time, you don’t want to entrust this important task to the wrong company, whether it’s because they can’t offer the same level of service or they’ll overcharge you, knowing how essential maintenance and repairs are.

Ri-Go has been establishing a well-respected name in Ontario and Quebec since 1977. Amongst other things, this means we always offer competitive rates to our customers.

Of course, we provide far more than affordable prices. We also have factory trained technicians who specialize in forklifts, meaning they’ll be quick to diagnose the problem and get around to fixing it. That equals less time your company is left without such an important asset, which is a valuable service in and of itself. In fact, we even have 27 technicians who can come out and meet you at your own facility.

Should the service your forklift need take more than a day, Ri-Go can rent you a substitute in the meantime at a reduced price.

Aside from our body shop, we also have a paint booth available in our 60,000 sq. ft. facility. Not only can we fix your vehicle, then, we can also have it looking brand new with a fresh coat of paint.

Forklift maintenance and repairs are too important to entrust them to the wrong company. Call Ri-Go today at 1-800-263-7580 to find out more about how we can help. We also have used Mitsubishi forklifts available for sale.

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