There was a time when simply having a forklift that could lift and tilt was enough.  But as jobs became more demanding and increased efficiency was required, forklift attachments become increasingly more popular. The right forklift attachment can improve productivity and safety and drive profits to your bottom line. Today there are numerous Lift Truck attachment companies producing hundreds of different attachments to make your forklift EXACTLY what your operation demands.

Even the forks are not the same on every forklift.  Different lengths and widths of forks can help with longer or wider loads and provide the necessary stability your operation needs.  Shaft mounted forks or Hang on ITA have advantages and disadvantages depending on every application.  For drywall or lumber applications special fork tapers can ensure the forks are thin enough to “knife” in between sheets of drywall or lumber to protect your products.  Side Chamfer Forks can handle reels of cable or rolls more safely and with less damage.  There literally are dozens of configurations your Ri-Go Lift Truck forklift professional can assist you with to ensure you have the right tools for the job. 

Here are 5 more fairly common lift truck attachments that are utilized today by companies to Improve Safety, Increase productivity and efficiency and save time and money.


Sideshifter attachments are the most common forklift attachment employed today.  The Sideshifter moves the forks (and load) automatically side to side approx 2-4” either way on the carriage.  Approximately 80% of all class I, IV and V forklifts on the market today have Sideshifters installed.   Sideshifters are relatively inexpensive and easy to use and they offer immediate and measurable savings through increased productivity and reduced product and pallet damage.  These savings permit rapid recovery of the modest initial investment.  Sideshifters reduce handling time and improve maneuverability.

Fork Positioners

Durable and with excellent visibility, fork positioners are great for virtually every industry. They allow lift truck operators the flexibility to not only Sideshift the load side to side but also to move the forks in and out “automatically” right from the driver’s seat, rather than getting off the truck and doing so manually.  This is a safer and faster way to move the forks on the carriage to a position that helps reduce product and pallet damage. Simply put, fork positioners allow operators to shift the alignment of their forks hydraulically, rather than by hand. This is best used for industries that have many different pallet and load configurations. Safety is also improved with this attachment as forks are heavy and not always easy or safe to move along the carriage by hand.  Besides Sideshifters Fork Positioners are the least expensive attachment so the modest investment is recovered quickly.

Push / Pull Attachments

Save money by shipping, receiving and warehousing loads on less expensive slip sheets rather than pallets. Ideal these push / pull attachments are best used for bagged products such as seed, agricultural products and cement; as well as cased food, electronics, cosmetics, goods and food and beverage. These attachments do not require the need to lift pallets. Loads are mostly for cardboard or plastic slip sheets that have a lip and the load is pushed off the forks by this attachment. Benefits of using a push/pull save significantly in material handling costs, eliminate the need for pallet exchange, increase container shipping volume and decrease the risk of damaged stock.  Operations that are currently manually transferring full loads on and off of pallets may want to consider a push pull attachment to dramatically save on manual labour costs.


Rotators offer superior load and dumping versatility with 360 degree revolving motion in both directions compared to traditional truck forks. Forklift rotator attachments or “rotators” are designed to fit a standard forklift mast and carriage and allow the rotation of a load or bin “automatically” using the forklifts hydraulic levers right from the operator’s seat. You can have a Fork Rotator (with or without a 3rd folding stabilizing fork, or any number of rotating clamps.  Some of the industries that benefit by utilizing rotators are the agricultural sector, recycling, construction, aluminum, automotive, food processing, food and beverage industry and waste management.  

Clamps: Flat Surface (Carton Clamps) or Paper Roll Clamps

Using clamp attachments offers solutions for handling a wide variety of loads for a multitude of applications. Whether it’s for Paper Rolls, recycling, pulp, boxes, bale drums, tires, textiles or any number of applications, these clamps are rugged and provide increased productivity for a variety of non palletized loads.

Flat surface or Carton Clamps do exactly as the name says, it clamps onto flat surfaces with wrapped or card boarded products. They are most commonly used in the appliance industry to transport appliances such as washers, dryers, and refrigerators.  They are also good for many uniform boxed loads.

Paper roll clamps allow the operator to clamp onto the sides of a roll of paper without damaging or crushing the product. These clamps can be used in a variety of applications. Clamps are the attachment of choice when a load is not transportable by pallet.

As you can see, Lift Truck Attachments can result in higher productivity and less operator stress, which is great for your company, and even better for your operators. Well-trained operators using the right attachment for your application can save time and money and do the job more safely.  Managers and Supervisors will love the increased productivity, and your operators will enjoy the ease of use and control.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated and your comments are always welcome.

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