used-rough-terrain-forklift-for-saleWhen most people think of forklifts, they picture models designed primarily for use on flat surfaces, generally inside the confines of a warehouse, or in a paved commercial loading yard. However, there are numerous configurations available to provide the right mixture of features and capabilities. If you have to deal with less than ideal conditions, a used rough terrain forklift for sale can be the ideal option.

Rough terrain forklifts are exactly what they sound like – robust material handling equipment designed for use in demanding environments. They differ significantly from other options on the market.

One area where a used rough terrain forklift is different is in its tires. They’re designed for all terrain use, rather than only for use on paved, flat surfaces. They feature knobby tread for excellent grip on dirt and other surfaces.

Rough terrain forklifts also have higher ground clearances than what you’ll see on other models. This ensures that they can get around a jobsite without issue, even if there are rocks or debris in the way. You’ll even find some models that have support arms in the front for additional stability on loose or soft surfaces, such as the Skyjack Telehandler lift truck.

At Ri-Go Lift, we specialize in delivering a full range of forklifts for a variety of different needs, including rough terrain forklift models. We supply new and used models to meet various budget needs, and we can also provide professional lift operator training, as well.

If you find yourself in need of a rough terrain forklift, contact us by calling 800-263-7580 to discuss your options.

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