used-linde-forkliftWhen it comes to building forklifts, Linde almost has an unfair advantage. For the past 110 years, this Munich-based company has been busy succeeding in a number of different industries. Aside from healthcare and industrial gases, Linde has also been very successful in manufacturing forklifts, something they’ve been doing since the 50s.

Any forklift is going to be a good investment when compared to using manual labor. They are capable of lifting several thousand kilograms meters off the ground. This makes a forklift the perfect solution for loading and offloading trucks, as well as doing the same with the shelving in your warehouse. Their lifting ability means, amongst other things, that your workers are far less likely of ever getting injured on the job. As you only need a single operator for one, your other employees can be used for tasks that demand a human’s touch.

This is all well and good, but if you really want to experience the full potential of what a forklift can do, Linde is the way to go. Along with the advantages listed above, Linde uses hydrostatic drive in their forklifts, meaning the vehicles stay on track, accelerate much faster and has a much easier time loading and unloading. All of this results in a far more energy efficient, and thus affordable, forklift.

Speaking of which, you can stand to save a lot of money on this advantage, when you go with a used Linde forklift. Given Linde’s dedication to excellence, you can rest assured the only thing one of their used forklifts lacks is the normal price tag.

Linde used forklifts are an affordable resource every company in Canada should be leveraging. Call Ri-Go today at 1-800-263-7580 to find out more about our inventory and pricing. We also sell Linde lift trucks too.

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