Cormack Safety Valve – Propane coupler safety device

Cormack Valve

Cormack Safety Valve – Propane coupler safety device


A quick and easy way to keep your eyes safe and hands free of LPG Burn when changing Propane tanks!!!

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Product Description

Problem: Changing a Liquid Propane Gas Cylinder (LPG) can give a forklift operator a big surprise. The seal in the cylinder valve can be worn and fail causing liquid propane gas to spray over the hand and/or face faster than an operator can react. Liquid propane vaporizes quickly (-42° C or -44° F) and will cause extreme frostbite if it touches unprotected skin. Statistics indicate that almost every forklift operator has had negative experiences (getting sprayed with LPG) while changing a cylinder. On standard LPG hoses there is approximately 20” – 28” of potential stored energy (gas) which will leak and spray outward as the coupler is disconnected.

Solution: Placing the Cormack Propane Safety Valve on the hose prevents the LPG from spraying onto the operator and installation takes just a few minutes. When the Cormack Valve is closed it shuts off the LPG next to the coupler to prevent it from coming back through the hose in the event the cylinder seal fails as there is less than 2-3/4” of stored energy. The fool-proof handle design covers the coupler so the operator cannot disconnect it in the open position, increasing safety.

Reducing the risk of forklift incidents requires a safe work environment, a safe forklift, comprehensive worker training, and safe work practices. The Cormack Valve’s standard LPG coupler will fit all forklift cylinders and it’s ergonomically designed tough nylon shut-off handle remains highly visible. The Cormack Propane Safety Valve reduces forklift incidents, increases LPG cylinder exchange safety, fits almost all forklifts and increases productivity.

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