Counterbalanced forklifts, nowadays have become quite popular among the warehouse owners as well as industrial workers. Though there are many other types of forklifts available in the market, the advanced features of these lifts have made them immense popular. Keeping in mind the different types of usage requirements, counterbalanced forklifts are available in different designs as well as sizes. Thus, you can opt for them irrespective of the size of your warehouse or the type of load to be carried. Yet, you need to check the capacity of the forklift before loading it.

Engine powered counterbalance forklifts- These types of forklifts, as the name indicates function using a motor that runs on gas or diesel. Though these can carry light as well as heavy weight, it is mostly suited for lifting heavier products or bigger size articles. The best part is, the sturdy built of these lifts make them a great choice for indoor as well as outdoor warehouses. That means, you can use them in factories, docks or any other industrial set up.

Electric powered counterbalance forklifts- As these lifts require electricity to function, these are mostly used for indoor warehouses, where there is stable electric connection. In some rare cases, these are taken out for outdoor use. Though the electric powered lifts are generally not suited for outdoor use, it does not affect its performance. These can easily carry loads of pallets, bricks, plastics or even glasses. You may also like to know, that the electric lifts are best used in extreme conditions or demanding conditions, where you need to carry heavier loads. The best part is, unlike the engine powered lifts, electric lifts require lesser maintenance. To make the most of the money that you spend for purchasing these lifts, you need to select the right size as well as design.

Nowadays, counterbalance forklifts are widely used in Canada. Therefore, it will not be very difficult for you to find a store selling these items. Also, you can find operators for making these lifts functional. Yet, before appointing any operator, you need to ensure that the person you have selected knows the technique for operating the lift.

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