When it comes to their overall operations, many companies in Toronto rely on all types of equipment. If they keep inventory in a warehouse, chances are this equipment includes large machinery that helps them reach objects stored high up or even move around heavy or cumbersome loads.

For safety’s sake, it’s essential that people who operate this type of machinery be trained in how to do so. This will also keep your inventory intact. However, training can only do so much. There will always be freak accidents that can cause problems. One great and affordable way to defend against such random acts is with Lanyards. Toronto companies have been depending on lanyards for decades. They can do multiple things:

  • Make it easy to carry around keys
  • Display access credentials
  • Provide a dead man’s switch

If you’ve ever seen a lanyard before, they’re not terribly impressive. In fact, they’re little more than a cloth necklace with a clip at one end. When you put it on, that clip hangs at about mid-chest. For this reason, it’s a great place for workers to keep their important keys. This will keep them from going astray or ending up in the wrong hands.

The same can be said for how they help with security. Most companies would like their warehouses to be restricted. By displaying one’s credentials at mid-chest, security can have an easy time keeping trespassers at bay.

But perhaps the most important thing they do is provide a dead man’s switch for workers. Should they be using heavy machinery and fall over or otherwise become incapacitated, the lanyard will help pull the power supply so the machine stops and doesn’t end up hurting anyone.

Call Ri-Go today and order the lanyards you need to keep your employees safe and secure. Our number is 1-800-263-7580 and our prices are affordable. We can also sell you pallet trucks, forklifts, scissor lifts and much more.

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