forklift-training-mississaugaForklifts can be real game changers for companies. Whether it means unloading or loading a truck in record time or moving inventory around a warehouse, companies that use forklifts would have a hard time being functional without them.

However, as you are probably well aware, forklifts don’t operate on their own. They work only as well as the people behind the wheel. This means is that they’re only as safe as the people who are at the controls. While there’s no such thing as an actual forklift operator’s license here in Canada, the law is very clear about the fact that anyone who operates them must undergo training.

This makes sense, of course. While forklifts are generally extremely easy to operate, all it takes is one mistake and your company could lose large amounts of inventory. Of course, you could also have an employee get seriously injured or killed.

At Ri-Go Lift, we’ve been dealing with heavy machinery since 1977. Whether it’s selling or renting forklifts, skyjacks or other forms of equipment or dealing their parts, we know these machines inside and out. So, when you come to us for forklift training in Mississauga, we’ll provide you an all-encompassing class designed to keep everyone safe. Courses we offer include:

  • Theoretical Training
  • Practical Training
  • Mid-Term Training

These courses are not only designed to keep you and your employees safe, they also make sure you comply with the law.

So give us a call at Ri-Go Lift today by dialing 1-800-263-7580. The Mississauga forklift training you need is nearby and doesn’t take long. Plus, we also have used forklifts for sale and new forklifts for sale if you’re in the market.

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