electric-forklift-service-maintenanceWould your company benefit from having their very own forklift? Have you put off the purchase because you don’t think the company can afford it? Then you might want to think about what an electric forklift could mean for your company. Amongst other things, these vehicles cost far less in ongoing expenses.

Obviously, electricity is a lot more cost effective as a fuel source than propane could ever hope to be. All signs point to electricity continuing to be much more affordable too. While other companies will need to continue setting aside more and more money to pay for their forklift, you’ll enjoy ever cheaper forms of fuel as electricity gains more ground. It’s also nice getting rid of all of those propane tanks, as each one represents the potential for an explosion in your facility.

On top of that, electric forklift service is going to be a lot less expensive as time goes on too. As it stands, repairing a forklift is much easier than working on one powered by propane. Though they’re high-quality machines, every forklift will need repairs eventually, but you’ll spend less with electric ones because their engines are generally easier to address.

Of course, you may be worried about getting your electric forklift worked on. At the moment, they’re rare enough that most companies don’t service them. However, Ri-Go Lift can step in here. They can provide ongoing electric forklift maintenance to help reduce the chances that you’ll ever need repairs in the first place.

Call Ri-Go Lift today at 1-800-263-7580 to learn more about the benefits of owning an electric forklift and what kind of maintenance plan they can offer. Ri-Go Lift also sells new and used electric forklifts too.

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