V. Mariotti Lift Trucks

Class II - Mycros AC Range - 750 - 2,300 Lbs. Capacity


Mycros AC Range – 1,500 – 2,100 Lbs. Capacity


Mariotti offers a complete range of small, cutting edge forklifts with capacities from 750 to 2,300 lbs, lift heights to 224” front and rear wheel drive options and all are equipped with the latest AC technology.

Mariotti Mycros AC Range – 750 – 2,300 Lbs. Capacity


These Mariotti three-wheel forklifts feature enhanced, state-of-the-art engineering and are the “most compact” electric riders on the market today.

Capacities from 750 to 2,300 lbs with such options as: rear, front or all wheel drive; electronic speed control (CSC); cushion or super-elastic tires.




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Product Description


A Complete Range of Compact Forklifts
V.MARIOTTI S.r.l. is the premier manufacturer of compact, electric three wheel forklifts.

We have a long tradition and history in the material handling marketplace (see Since 1920). V.Mariotti exports to countries throughout the world.

All engineering and assembly is done at our plant in Torino Italy. V.Mariotti is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of compact forklifts.  We are the only company that offers more than 20 different compact forklift models to choose from. Capacities from 750 lb to 2300 lb, unique engineering features and a strong dealer network allows us to meet specific customer needs and applications.

Over our 90-year history, we have acquired substantial engineering know-how that is incorporated into our unique gearbox, mast and forklift designs. We are an ISO 9001:2008 company established with the policy and objective of customer satisfaction with the forklifts that we produce.

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