An ideal storage solution, electric pallet stackers are ideal for stacking. Designed for easy, flexible and retrieval handling of specialized loads, electric pallet stacker guarantee improved performance at great heights along with easy maneuverability in narrow aisles. The electric operated stackers are equipped with high residual capacities and ensure long usage times. With users comfort as priority, electric pallet stackers are designed to optimize operations in the space required.

The electric pallet stackers are known for their high performance and low maintenance costs for the most challenging warehouse applications. Designed to increase both uptime and bottom line, electric pallet stackers literally fit into tight spaces. Full Electric Stacker ensures smooth transport and rack operation in distinct industries. With adjustable driver’s space, the stacker ensures smooth operation. Also, the high operational fluency makes electric pallet stacker durable. As warehouse stackers, electric pallet stackers are used for carrying heavy load and placing them on the required shelves. Demanding less service time, these electric operated stackers are known for its efficiency and workability. Not only does it reduce downtime for service, electric pallet stackers are loved for enhancing operator productivity.

Its versatility and ergonomics of electric pallet stacker makes it a multi-tool for material handling. The performance capacity of it acts as an asset to any stacking or warehouse applications. They are most commonly used for transporting & lifting pallets where a forklift is not needed, in places like warehouse and storerooms. Also used as an alternative to expensive forklifts, electric pallet stackers are perfect for transporting capacity items around a warehouse.

An essential in-plant equipment, electric stackers are used for intensive stacking and transporting in minimum cycle times. The equipment comes with a steering handle which allows the operator to have steering control at all speeds. It also has a step-less forward reverse driving switch along with lifting lowering switch and horn at fingertip controls. These are designed with stand on platform which has embedded in it the power of merging with the body. This feature ensures that there is no projection outside the body when the platform is closed, and thus makes it ideal for use in narrow aisles as well.

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