forklift-parts-torontoWith over 1.5 million replacement parts available, RI-GO Lift Truck has everything you’ll need to perform maintenance on your existing forklift fleet.

One of the biggest pains in replacing Forklifts Parts in Toronto is checking and keeping all the part numbers on the things that break, especially those that see a lot of heat and friction. RI-GO has multiple cross-reference systems to make sure it gets the right fleet-specific repair parts and can even provide a usage report to help companies manage expenses and keep needed parts on-hand.

For companies with repeat orders and expected service needs, you can set up an online profile and fill in your expected part supply requests so they’re in stock and available on the day you need them. Streamline your parts ordering by using the RI-GO process and save both time and money keeping your fleet in tip-top shape.

You can easily generate quotes online in a few clicks and manage your orders accessories accordingly. Moreover, you can check on upcoming and past orders to keep your crew fully stocked and aware of what’s on its way. Manage the parts needs for your entire fleet online in one single, simple place.

Serving the Toronto region since 1977, RI-GO can supply all of your Forklift Parts needs in Toronto through its in-person stores as well as its online storefront: Shop online, stop on by or call toll free, 1-800-263-7580 and get great customer service every time.

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