Linde is a North American brand popularly known for its top class material handling equipments and the lift trucks in particular. With worldwide logistics and customer care services, the company has been setting high standards in the industry for over 50 years now. With an exclusive range of forklift trucks, side loaders, order pickers, tractors, high-level stackers and reach trucks, the company has served the needs of manufacturing as well as warehousing facilities all over the world.

The ubiquitous presence of forklift trucks, that are used to lift heavy weight materials through short distances, is felt in all industries. The standard counterbalanced sit-down lift trucks, characterized by exclusive German quality and unbelievable fuel savings, are the most widely used forklift trucks. Linde forklift trucks can also be easily employed in cramped spaces (read narrow isle trucks), though they might require the use of a guiding mechanism.

Choosing a Forklift Truck

Although, a forklift truck may seem to be very expensive initially, it is bound to provide operational economies in the long run. The type of forklift truck to be used is influenced by the weight of load that has to be lifted, the maximum height where the truck can reach and the turning radius of the truck. Another important aspect that cannot be ignored is safety. Steering locks and overweight alarms are the hallmark of forklift trucks. The premium price tag paid for Linde trucks is definitely worth the list of features they come with. Linde has proved to be the one stop destination for material handling equipment that cater to different requirements. By providing value for money and superior quality, the brand has been constantly delighting customers across the globe.

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